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Willow Printing Group Ltd

As a 60+ year-old company, Willow Printing Group has the detail-orientation and speedy decision-making ability of a family business, with the resources of a leading corporate business entity. We believe that consistent customer satisfaction with the "Willow experience" is vital to our existence. We maintain close, long-term relationships with our clients and we take pride in our ability to provide a personalized, "human touch" in all of our interactions.

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Press Operator
Full Time
0 applicants
posted about 7 years ago

Job Description

Duties, Tasks & Responsibilities

Requires full attention and vigilance while on the job to ensure the safety of others and equipment.

To ensure the quality of work, napping, reading for pleasure, horseplay, watching television or listening to radios

and other inattention to performing your job are prohibited.

Requires contact with customers and other employees in a positive, interpersonal manner, which does not cause

undue interruptions, hostility, errors, stress or other disruptive behavior.

General understanding of established safety training and procedures.

General understanding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

General understanding of required hazardous chemical handling training and protective equipment.

Follow company policies and procedures.

Keep pressroom supervisor informed of workload problems.

Maintain records necessary to control costs and schedules.

Maintain established schedules for on-time completion of presswork

Monitor performance, waste and spoilage standards.

Keeps equipment in good working condition and follows all preventative maintenance procedures.

Perform various jobs within the department when emergencies or overload conditions develop.

Keep abreast of new methods, processes and procedures in order to keep equipment up- to-date.

Review/update/edit your personal job description every six months.

Production Error responsibility:


Investigate and analyze production errors in order to identify possible changes in equipment, supplies or

procedures that may be necessary to prevent a recurrence.

Advise management of changes to equipment or procedures necessary to avoid production errors, or make

changes to procedures under your control to avoid similar errors from recurring.


Essential Physical & Frequency Requirements.


Requires performing tasks:  standing (100%), walking (20%), and bending (20%) and squatting (20%).

Requires handling materials weighing up to 40 pounds while pushing, pulling, lifting, and twisting,

Requires work on catwalks and supports at heights up to 10 feet.

Works with hand tools weighing up to 10 pounds in positions above and below head and extended from body for 30 to 40 minutes.

Operates mechanical lifting devices (i.e. pallet jacks and forklifts) to move materials and must get on and off 5 to 10 times per hours.

Works in air-conditioned environment with high noise levels.